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It’s all in the stitch…


All our products are made by hand with the luxury of time. Because it takes time to chose materials that guarantee quality and respect for our environment. Time to prepare a hide. Or to design a bag that makes life easier for you. To create a timeless look without compromising on style. To attentively craft a bag by hand, because no detail is too small when aspiring to delight our customers for many years to come. 


Lahara was born out of the desire to create fine leather goods that last a lifetime thanks to timeless aesthetics, thoughtfully selected materials of highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. Our bags and accessories tell a story of authentic and ethical production endorsing the beautiful skills of small artisans workshops in Italy, paired with functional and distinct design that sparks joy throughout the day and along seasons.


Lahara creates colourful companions for an active woman who embodies understated elegance, strives for a conscious way of living and values quality over prestige.


Lahara incarnates the eternal summer, fresh, bright and colourful.





We only use the finest aniline vegetable tanned calf leather from Tuscany. This sustainable tanning process is completely natural where the leather derives its texture from tree barks, roots and flowers as opposed to metals used in the most common chrome based tanning method.


The artisanal vegetable tanning process is long and complex, lasting up to 6 weeks, and is deeply rooted in Tuscany’s tanning history.  A vegetable tanned skin develops a unique finish revealing natural marks beautifully. It will obtain an always-livelier patina over time that may darken. Every bag or accessory will therefore tell its very own story once carried in the hands of his/her owner.


All our leathers are aniline dyed, where the tint is died through instead of sprayed on the surface.

Lahara stands for authentic Made in Italy and puts all its efforts into sustainable material sourcing and ethical manufacturing. We only select product and partners that convince us in terms of environmental impact, ethics and quality. We exclusively source materials from Europe, almost exclusively from Italy to support local production. 

We selected a handful of partners – suppliers and manufacturers – integrating transparency into their business and have categorically chosen not to work with the high number of manufacturers outsourcing production to tertiary companies, mainly executed by inexpensive Chinese labour, or even worse, outsourced to low-wage countries and finished in Italy.


Leather is a by-product of the food production in Europe. Our vegetable tanned leather is sourced from one of Tuscany’s most renowned tanneries, Tempesti, based in Santa Croce, near Florence. They carefully select quality hides from free-range cows in Northern Europe and invest substantially into recycling processes.

They are member of Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium, a quality label for Tuscany’s traditional tanning techniques. 


Leather: Vegetable calf leather, Tempesti, Tuscany

Fabric: 50% Linen and 50% cotton blend produced in one of Chieri's oldest textile mills, Piedmont

Bespoke bag closures in solid brass made by Milanese artisan

Small hardware: Max Metal Milan (some items are imported, as not produced in Italy anymore)

Zippers: YKK Europe

Dust bags: 100% cotton from Italy, created by Enza, a local tailor from Rivoli (TO)



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